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With failed ambitions of becoming a comic book artist, it became evident early in Author Michael Garcia‘s  youth that art was not his future. Yearning to discover a vehicle to express his creative ideas, he wrote down his idle thoughts over the years on a notepad until one day those thoughts came together, culminating in his first (but hopefully not his last) book titled, Cursed Be The Firstborn. It was a long, challenging journey that he hopes will please fans looking for a unique read.

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Vampires were once thought of as fictitious creatures born of myths conjured from nightmares, lurking during the night while inflicting dread on those that believed. That was until the Harbinger of Light arrived on Earth and waged war against the last remaining tribes of vampires secretly hiding amid the world of men that call themselves, The Firstborn. With the true origin of Evil revealed, all creation hangs in the balance as the battle between Good and Evil commences. The only thing standing between Evil’s eternal reign and humanity’s continued existence is a haunted man with a wavering faith in God, an otherworldly being hell-bent on eradicating the scourge of every living thing, and their uneasy alliance.


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